On Today’s Events.
No degree of wise or eloquent phrasing can even come close to summing the events that occurred today. The tragedy in Boston came without warning and caused a lot of people physical and emotional harm. My thoughts go out to those injured, affected, and seeking to aid the victims of the explosion, and I am only grateful that my friends and family are all safe and accounted for as of this moment.

I’ve lived in Boston for just three years, but in that short amount of time it has claimed a very special place in my heart. I am who I am today because of my decision to move here, grow here, learn here, make connections here, fall in and out of love here. This city is just as much a part of me as I have become a part of it. And to see this tragedy unfold, though I have not been directly affected by it, still has made a great impression on me and my friends.

I am angry at the people who did this. I am sad for the people who have been harmed. But most of all, I feel grateful and blessed for those who had the bravery and strength to do whatever they could to help. I am confident that in the face of tragedy, life and love will ultimately go on in such a resilient city as this one.

Once again, to those who know me: if anyone knows someone who needs a place to stay, feel free to contact me.

Hotline for those looking for family members: 6176354500
To report information: 800494TIPS

Missing Family Members? Google Person Finder:

Let us all stay vigilant, safe, but most of all calm.



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